• Oil heater

Oil heating system with a capacity of 200 to 700 calories of heat with two-wall circulator pump “2 full automatic for transfer of heat oil to two-wall pipes in order to supply the heat required in heating tar weighing circuits and other parts, independent from thermometer system

  • Turbojet torch

The electronic turbojet torch tj10000g (triple fuel) is equipped with inverter system for adjustment of air pressure, fuel and heat, it is conducted and observed quite automatically from control room

  • 250-600 bags dry filter

As a very efficient system for precise control in cleaning and preventing air and environmental pollution for asphalt, cement, chalk, and other industrial installations, this system is produced and controlled in electronic and pneumatic form. Dust and soil and smoke collection process is sucked by a very strong sucking machine from fertile parts of the factory to the filter bags special container and is adjusted by pneumatic duct, absorbed to filter meshes. And after precise operations, the mechanical system is collected through the air nuzzle inside the container of dust and soil

The cleaning process of each conduit of filter is adjusted automatically by control unit and is transfer at a pressure of 3 i5 bars for cleaning by transferor from storage silo to outside the factory as wastes

  • Mixer

Mixer mechanical system is made in various tonnages in two designs

Direct couple two-gearbox mixer

Single-gearbox mixer. 125×125 force is applied on two shafts by suspending 24 mixer steel arms based on 40 seconds. Mix operations are performed standard in each shift

  • Granule screen

Granule screen acts highly strongly in four stories with four types of materials inside the machine with exchangeable meshes in standard form including protection box with four separate inspection ducts in the form of crankshaft by transferring electromotor 11 KW and its dust is conducted through transfer duct to filler elevator or other parts

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